“The TMA Education Foundation has provided monetary support towards the costs of purchasing machines for decades and participation in the TMA Precision Machining Competition (PMC) is one of the main reasons students are so engaged and excited about manufacturing. TMA has also offered help when we needed industry advisory partners, and has even assisted with funding for field trips to see TMA member shops.  Shops affiliated with the TMA have also been a great resource in terms of donating old material and tooling, helping with advice on challenging parts, providing internship opportunities and serving as the employers of many of our graduates”

Matt Erbach, Streamwood High School Manufacturing Technology Instructor.

“I would like to thank everyone at TMA Education Foundation for the very generous scholarship which allowed me to participate in the TMA Manufacturing Summer Camp.  The camp was an amazing opportunity for me to see what American manufacturing looks like today and the role technology plays in precision and productivity.  Every day we went to a new and exciting place that made something different, making each day a unique experience.  The classes were enjoyable and the instructors were excellent. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in manufacturing. This program has made me much more confident about pursuing a career in manufacturing.”

Trevor Doyle 

“The summer program at TMA is that it opened my eyes to the world of manufacturing.  I had no idea about all of the opportunities that were out there for me. The tours and the guest speakers were very good and really showed how good of a working environment you can have with a job in manufacturing. It was very educational and very hands on.  I really enjoyed it a lot. Because of Summer Camp I was able to network and get an offer of a part-time job, while going to college.”

Lucas Chambers 

“TMA’s summer camp helped me to have a better understanding of manufacturing; it’s spotless, organized and technical.  Camp educators introduced options for my education and career path; and gave me the knowledge of safety in the workforce.”

Brennan Anderson



“I know a high student named Brennan, and had seen that he had a mechanical aptitude so we hired him as a summer intern. When I read that TMA had a Manufacturing Summer Camp I encouraged him to attend.  We noticed after TMA camp he had more confidence and has already asked to come back next summer.  We believe programs like TMA’s Manufacturing Summer Camp will help to build awareness of careers in manufacturing.  We support outreach programs to showcase the reality of today’s manufacturing careers.”

JR Hommer, Hommer Tool


Big Kaiser“We recognize the importance filling the manufacturing pipeline with skilled labor, and have proudly chosen to support the TMA Education Foundation in any way we can due to their shared commitment and enthusiasm in their programs.”

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.





“Kenmode thoroughly enjoys supporting the TMA Education Foundation by participating in the High School Machining Competition and the Manufacturing Summer Camp.  We like to see students excited about a career in manufacturing where they can use and develop their skill sets in a variety of jobs that support a manufacturing environment.  The success of the manufacturing industry depends on developing the technical and machining interests and talents of our youth.  We appreciate and encourage TMA to continue reaching out to schools to showcase the variety of technical and machining careers available to students. ”


“Swiss Automation is a long time, proud supporter of the TMA Education Foundation.  TMA has been a great link between manufacturers and potential employees.  We feel this relationship is a great investment towards the future of manufacturing”

Swiss Automation